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Privacy Policies

Privacy Policies effective October 12, 2009

This is a General Motors Company ("GM") sponsored site. To view General Motors Company’s privacy statement click here:

GM will have access to your name and other personal information you enter here. GM dealers and third parties will also have access to personal information you enter here and your browsing activities on this page in order to provide you the dealer locator services you are requesting. The role of each party is explained below and links to applicable privacy statements are provided.

Collection and Use of Your Information by GM

When you choose a GM dealer and request a quote or ask a question, the personal information you provide is collected by GM and treated in accordance with the GM Privacy Statement for U.S. Consumers. To opt-out of GM contacting you for marketing purposes click here: In addition, GM’s use of cookies and other tracking devices is also discussed in GM’s Privacy Statement which you can access here:

Information Directed to Our Dealers

When you complete a form on this website to ask a question of or request a quote from a GM dealer, the information you submit is forwarded by GM to the GM dealer you selected. Each GM dealer is independent of GM and the dealer you direct your communication to will have its own privacy statement. Please contact the dealer or visit the dealer’s website for more information on its privacy practices.

Use of Cookies and Other Tracking Devices by Third Parties

Cookies placed or recognized on your computer’s Web browser by third-party advertising companies on this or other websites are used in conjunction with web beacons at this website to evaluate online advertising or to tailor promotions and other marketing messages to you. One of the third-party advertising companies we use in conjunction with the web beacons on this website is DoubleClick. To learn how to “opt out” from the use of the DoubleClick web beacons, please visit To disable the collection of information by all web beacons used on this website, you must refuse cookies, as described in GM's Privacy Statement for U.S. Consumers, above.

Changes to these Privacy Policies or Statements

Any changes to the treatment of personal information collected on this site will be governed by the Privacy Statement or Policy of the collecting entity. Please review the individual Privacy Policy or Statement for changes.

This Privacy Statement is effective as of October 12, 2009

Terms of Use

Overview of Online Privacy Policy for GMAC Automotive Financing
You take online privacy seriously and so does GMAC Automotive Financing. It's our way of sustaining your trust in our company, our products and our services. Our privacy policy describes the information we collect from and about you during your visit to our web sites and web pages. Our privacy policy also describes how we use information about you, whom we share it with, and how we protect it. This privacy policy applies only to our online practices.

This Online Privacy Policy applies only to the GMAC Automotive Financing web sites and web pages identified above. Some GMAC sites have their own privacy statements.


These sites may also contain links to third party sites not controlled by GMAC or covered by this privacy statement. We recommend that you check the privacy statement of other sites you visit before providing any personal information.

What Personal Information does GMAC Automotive Financing Collect Online?
We collect personal information about you from the information you provide to us when you fill out a credit application, a GMAC Direct Pay–Automatic or GMAC Direct Pay-Online registration form, a request for training material, a sweepstakes registration, or other form on our site.

This information may include:

  • name,
  • address,
  • social security number in whole or in part,
  • telephone number,
  • GMAC account number,
  • account number at a bank or other financial institution, type of bank account, and the name of the bank or other financial institution, and
  • email address
We also collect email referral information from you when you complete the “Tell a Friend” referral information on the web site. We do not reuse or sell the email addresses. We only use them to send the referral information.
Does GMAC Automotive Financing Use Cookies or Other Online Technologies to Collect Information About Me?
We may use cookie technology or other online tracking technologies to gather anonymous, aggregate information about your visit to our web sites. This information is used to measure site activity and to create ideas for improving our sites.

This information may include:

  • time and length of your visit;
  • web pages you look at on our sites;
  • web site you visited just before coming to ours; and
  • name of your internet service provider.
Do You Share Personal Information About Me?
In certain circumstances, we share information about you with other companies to provide you the services you are requesting. For example, we may share information about you with credit reporting agencies when you complete our online express credit application. If you select a dealership during the express credit application process with which you would like information about you shared, we may share information about you with that dealership. We may share information about you with our bank and other banks if you complete our GMAC Direct Pay–Automatic authorization form or use our GMAC Direct Pay–Online billing service. If you request training materials from the site, we may share information about you with service providers for the purpose of mailing you those training materials.

We may also share information about you with our suppliers and service providers for their use exclusively in providing services to us, or with our affiliates (other companies in the General Motors family) for analysis, market research and marketing purposes as allowed by law.

Any company with which we share information about you for the above purposes is contractually required to comply with confidentiality standards.

We do not provide information about you to any unaffiliated third party for their independent use without your permission. However, we may disclose your personal information as required by law, in conjunction with a governmental inquiry, or in litigation or dispute resolution.

We do not sell information about you to anyone.

Can I Change or Update the Personal Information GMAC Automotive Financing Collected About Me?
Our GMAC Direct Pay-Online service is designed so you can retrieve and review information you provided. If you wish to change or update certain GMAC Direct Pay–Online information you provided, or if you have questions about any other information you provided on a GMAC Automotive Financing web site or web page, call the phone number provided on the web page or 1-800-32SMART so that we may assist you.

What Steps Do You Take to Protect My Personal Information?
We restrict access to the information obtained from our websites and web pages to our employees, agents and contractors. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards designed to protect your personal information.

Will GMAC Make Changes to this Privacy Policy?
This statement is effective April 15, 2005. GMAC reserves the right to alter its privacy policy. Any change to this policy will be posted on our web sites in a timely manner.

Privacy Notice for Users that Submit Finance Applications Through This Site