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Dare To Compare Pine Belt Service

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DARE TO COMPARE: The Benefits Of Using Pine Belt Service

Pricing: In most cases, our service pricing is in line and in some cases less expensive than the independent service facility, tire store and muffler shop. When given a price that seems very low, it may be the quality of the component that makes the difference. We also offer options and parts pricing that will fit into your budget. From premium to economy, we will work with you to provide a safe, quality repair at the right price.

Our technicians are required to be trained at a factory facility and keep current with constant online updating. They know your car. Everyday they work on the latest vehicles and study to become better at understanding the complex systems that make today’s vehicles operate. There are many times when a vehicle comes to our service department and the owner has had it worked on elsewhere. It may be a check engine light, a noise or just running poorly after a “tune up”. When no one else can figure it out, after the customer has spent time and money, they are told to “ BRING IT TO THE DEALER”. Also there may be a situation when someone puts the wrong fluid in or turns off a light that means something causing damage. It might also have been covered under warranty had someone else not touched it. As the dealer, we have constant updated information and access to the latest changes for your vehicle right from the factory.

Not all parts are created equal. We have the components that were designed for your car. It may be something small like a check valve in the oil filter. The check valve keeps oil in the upper areas of the engine when you turn it off, keeping components from running dry during cold start. Aftermarket oil filters don’t always have the check valve. It could be the way a part fits, or it could be what it is made from. There are differences that the manufacturer designs into a part to work in your car. We know what will work for your car.

We feel very strongly about supporting our customers as they support us.

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