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The Pine Belt Difference

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There is a difference.

In today’s world, consumers have many choices. The object is to balance value with long-term benefit. Quite often, we see vehicles that are not properly serviced come in with more serious (and expensive) problems that could have been avoided. It might be the perception that cost is less at the independent shops, the fact is, that our oil change is in line and in some cases less expensive than the independent. We use only factory oil filters and recommended oil. A technician trained by the factory on your vehicle also does the work. Your vehicle is gone over to catch any potential safety or mechanical difficulties before they arise. There are also times when vehicles are brought in and we are told that “My Mechanic Says”……, and although no one is perfect and there are many good technicians out there, the customer has already spent money and the vehicle is not repaired. The reality is that today’s vehicles are very complex. We invest in training and special tools to be able to maintain your vehicle to factory standards. When there is a problem that no one else can fix, or help is needed after the warranty is over, where you service your vehicle makes a big difference. Your vehicle is a collection of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical components that must work perfectly together in order to operate, and as in all things, it can only be expected to function properly if it is taken care of.

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